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Operation: Education

We are on a mission to keep Christian education, values, and vision  in Kenya.  Victory Churches USA (VCUSA) has taken on the lead in supporting and overseeing Victory Christian School in Kisumu, Kenya.  We have several upcoming and ongoing projects that include upgrading the school facility, purchasing school equipment, developing the property, as well as sponsoring students to attend the school and contributing towards teacher salaries. Keep scrolling to see what's going on behind the scenes, new project announcements, and opportunities to give and volunteer! Our friends at Victory Children’s School in Kisumu are grateful to have your support. 


MISSIONS TRIP: August 2023

Our initial trip to Kenya, in August 2023 was quite successful.  We had an opportunity to tour the facility, give clothing, food, books, and bibles, teach both students and teachers, perform outreaches, and encourage our Kenya brothers and sisters to move forward and excel.  The staff, students, and the Victory Church congregation were uplifted and encouraged following our visit.   


Early Childhood Education Department 

Phase One included repairing, repainting, and renovating classrooms, restrooms, doors, ceiling boards, and other property updates.  Then, repainting the exterior of the buildings, updating sleeping areas, obtaining school equipment, updating teachers’ offices and corridors, and getting the school ready for the Inauguration in January.  While much was accomplished in the last several months, much needs to be done.  

Farming Project 

The goal of the VCUSA and others involved is to upgrade the property and farmland in addition to purchasing more farmland.  We have a sparse number of animals on the property and are looking to expand growing vegetation and raising livestock.  This will help us save on the cost of food and meals for the students.   

Early Education-02.jpeg


After - ECDE Hallway.jpg

Hallway - After

After - ECDE - Interior Class #4 - Full View.jpg

Restored Classrooms

After - ECDE Class Chairs.jpg

Repainted Chairs

Early Education-04.jpeg

Hallway - Before




After completing Phase One of repairs, the team under the leadership of Bishop Joshua and Pastor Catherine Oyaro continue to renovate and repair the buildings on property.  Phase 2 included the Inauguration of Victory Christian Schools in January 2024.  The school van received an overhaul, uniforms were made for the students through the sewing school, and the dorms continue to be upgraded. Our goal is to have a marketable Christian Boarding School within the next year that will attract students from around the country.  

Entire school building needs some works.jpg

NEW Building Signage

Uniforms #2 -made in Victory[87].png


School van before.jpg

Van - Before



School van refurbshed .jpg

Refurbished Van




Building Renovations and Maintenance 

We have several buildings that still need renovating.  There’s been a great response to the launch of the new school. The classrooms are reaching capacity and supplies are limited. 

School Supplies 

The computers that students currently have access to are outdated.  There is a great need for a new computers.  The goal is to provide at least 10 new computers for students.  Computers are 25,000 KSH - 30,000 KSH, which is roughly $204.78 USD. 


Space has been set up for a library for the students to enjoy.  Now, we need your help to fill the library with books, supplies, and other learning resources.  

Student Tuition Sponsorships 

Schools in Kenya are not free for students.  Thus, all families must pay tuition from primary age to high school.  Your support will allow parents that don’t have the income to send their children to school, to receive sponsorships from Victory Churches and other ministries.   Victory Christian School in Kisumu goes from primary age to junior high school.  The mission is to provide a quality education combined with godly biblical teaching. 

Teacher Salaries Sponsorships 

The teaching staff in Kisumu are extraordinary. They double as counselors and second parents for many of the students, some of whom are orphans. Victory Churches USA has committed to sending $1,000 USD per month to support the teachers’ salaries. Salaries per month for 20 staff members are 258,000 KSH or $1,761.11 USD. 

Early Education-16.jpeg

Building Repairs



Early Education-18.jpeg





Computer Lab

Early Education-12.jpeg



In addition to visiting Kisumu, Kenya, our Victory USA (VCUSA) team composed of Dr. George Hill, Bishop Kelsey Lewis, and Apostle Albert White participated in Victory Zambia’s conference and graduation.  Several students graduated from Victory Bible College of Zambia.  The VCUSA team taught and ministered at day and evening workshops and services during the conference and participated in the graduation. The Zambia churches are zealous for the work of the ministry and are growing.  A key part of the growth is the Bible College. To protect this growth, a wall needs to be built around the property to protect it from vandalism.  We appreciate your support of this effort.

On behalf of the Victory Children’s School in Kisumu, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for taking the time to learn more about “Operation: Education”.  Your support will have a significant impact on our organization’s mission; and we are truly grateful. Your donation will go a long way towards renovating and preparing the children’s camp to admit new students and establish a program for physically challenged students.  Thank you again for your invaluable support.  We genuinely hope to have your continued support in the future.


With warmest regards,

Bishop Joshua and Catherine Oyaro, Chairman

Meet the Team


Dr. George and Pastor Hazel Hill

Victory Churches International

Orange County, CA

Bishop Kelsey and Pastor Druscilla Lewis

Pacific Revival Center

Honolulu, HI


Apostle Albert and Pastor Adriane White

Abounding Love Ministries

Baton Rouge, LA

Pointer -01.jpg

Pastors Eric and Sherrel Pointer

Treasures from Heaven Remnant House Ministries

Baton Rouge, LA

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